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This is an in-depth analysis of existing company protocols, if there even are protocols. Because understanding where the company is now is crucial, this will allow me to draft content and materials for training, policy review, coaching and other services. 

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mission, vision, and values

These are your Mission, Vision, and Voice that form the foundation for your business. We may need to go back to the drawing board, revisit or select new values that will define the client’s DEI strategy. Most clients will refine the values so they sound and feel natural to the organization & its spirit and goals. 

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policy drafting & content review

This includes reviewing benefits, procedures, SOP, testing your website and social media sites for accessibility, and more. We seek to answer how current and effective your policies and outreach are, and if they properly reflect the company’s values. Perfect for solopreneurs! 

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1:1 coaching

Because the C-suite, managers, and solopreneurs set the tone for communication & respect with clients, staff, vendors, and partners, sessions can be focused on team building, listening with empathy, devising initiatives and campaigns, and more!

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Regular trainings are important to establish standards within the organization and for building knowledge of how to create and maintain dynamic teams. We review your current trainings and establish a curriculum and plan for ongoing trainings. Training workshops can be personalized and even supplemented by outside trainers to focus on topics like teambuilding, ethics compliance, social issues, and more. 

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